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Bills: The Nurse's List - 2017
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There are 32 members on the AzNA Public Policy Committee which is chaired by AzNA Governmental Affairs Director Denise Link, PhD, NP, FAAN, FAANP. The committee reviews bills as they are introduced during legislative sessions.

To see more about any bill, including the bill content and the bill status, please visit and enter the bill number from the list below into the Bill # Search box in the upper right hand corner.

Committee review process:

  • Bills that address AzNA's Public Policy Agenda are evaluated by several committee members
  • A position to support, oppose or monitor the bill is determined by the Public Policy team
  • AzNA's position is subject to change based upon new information, changes in language, or other circumstances

“Nurses List” bills from this and previous years can be found in the archives on the right side of this page.

Arizona Nurses Association: The Nurses' List - May 22, 2017

Fifty-Third AZ Legislature, First Regular Session

  • Sine Die May 10. AzNA bills tracked, 61. Passed 31. All but two signed/chaptered.
    • SB1368 newborn screening fees - Support -  awaiting Governor’s signature or veto.
    • HB2515 Gov apt; criminal background checks – Oppose  awaiting Governor’s signature or veto.
  • Budget: Engrossed document  HERE – Signed.

To see more about any bill, including the bill content and the bill status, please visit and enter the bill number from the list below into the Bill # Search box in the upper right hand corner.

Bill # Subject Sponsor Status Action
HB 2030 Insurance coverage; telemed; urology Carter 5X S
HB 2031 Pharmacy: virtual wholesalers; virtual manufacturers Carter Ch22 M
HB 2033 Controlled substances; definitions Carter Ch53 S
HB 2041 DHS licensure Carter Ch122 S
HB 2042 DHS fingerprinting Carter Ch24 M
HB 2043 DHS property at ASH Carter Ch24 S
HB 2075 Radiation regulatory agency; CHS; transfer Carter 8 M
HB 2076 Advanced directives registry; provider access Carter CH154 S
HB 2090 Hospitals: flu vaccines Cobb XSE S
HB 2134 Schools; children’s camps; sunscreen use Carter 8 S
HB 2136 applications for regulation; information; process Carter X O
HB 2172 Medical assistance requests; evidence; mitigation Powers-Hannley X M
HB 2190 DHS; stroke; treatment information; registry Cobb X M
HB 2194 Indoor tanning; restricted use; minors Carter 3X S
HB 2197 Telemedicine; audiovisual requirement Carter CH164 S
HB 2207 Appropriations; non-medical services; aging Carter X M
HB 2208 Inhalers Carter Ch58 M
HB 2211 Establishment of alcohol and drug monitoring programs Carter Ch33 M
HB 2307 Controlled substances prescription monitoring program Carter Ch61 S
HB 2333 Pt. Referral inducements Campbell X M
HB 2335 Tobacco possession; sale; age; signage Boyer X S
HB 2336 End of life decisions; terminally ill Powers-Hannley X S
HB 2375 victims; medical bills; prohibited acts Boyer Ch125 S
HB 2401 health care providers; religious beliefs Powers-Hannley X M
HB 2405 postpartum depression; task force Friese X
HB 2426 community health workers; voluntary certification Fernandez 4X M
HB 2434 driving; handheld communications devices; prohibition Clodfelter X S
HB 2439 home health aides; qualifications Powers-Hannley X M
HB 2442 AHCCCS; dental care; pregnant women Butler X S
HB 2493 drug overdose; review team; confidentiality Carter 8 S
HB 2515 governor appointees; criminal records checks Farnsworth 6 O
HB 2522 health insurance; interstate purchase Cobb X O
SB 1001 Civil liability; minors & animals Kavanagh 4x S
SB 1023 Dispensers; Rx drugs; monitoring Kavanagh 8 M
SB 1026 BH Examiners; continuation Barto 8 S
SB 1030 OT; AHCCCS coverage Barto 3X S
SB 1048 Christian science nurses; reporting duty Kavanaugh X O
SB 1049 Text messaging while driving: prohibition Kavanaugh X M
SB 1071 Provisional licenses, criminal convictions: NOW Graduated intervention policy; guidelines; annual report Burgess 5X O
SB 1080 Teenage drivers; communic devices prohib Fann 8 S
SB 1133 Certified nurse midwives; nurse practitioners Barto Ch80 S
SB 1134 Pharm. Board; req. Permitting; violation Barto CH160 S
SB 1135 Handheld commun. devices; driving; prohibition Farley X S
SB 1235 Podiatry; amputation Barto Ch32 S
SB 1236 psychotropic drugs; foster children; report : NOW: statewide petition circulators; registration; committees Lesko X4SE M
SB 1244 committee of reference; standing committee Kavanagh 5X M
SB 1269 pharmacists; scope of practice Barto Ch117 S
SB 1301 family caregiver income tax credit. Brophy-McGee X S
SB 1319 telemedicine; audio visual requirements; Striker addition: flu vaccination; persons over age 65 Montenegro X7SE S
SB 1336 nurse anesthetists; prescribing authority; limitation Barto 8 S
SB 1368 Newborn screening; fees Allen 8 S
SB 1377 controlled substances; approved medications Brophy-McGee 8 S
SB 1428 community health workers; voluntary certification Bradley X S
SB 1434 art therapy services; contracting requirements Barto 8 M
SB 1435 osteopaths; fingerprint Barto 8 S
SB 1436 prescription drugs; delivery; pricing; appeals Barto X M
SB 1437 agencies; review; GRRC; occupational regulation Barto Ch138 M
SB 1439 end-of-life; discrimination; prohibition Barto Ch73 S
SB 1441 insurers; health providers; claims mediation Lesko 8 S
SB 1452 health profession regulatory boards Barto 8 S
SB 1486 nursing board; rules; abortion Mendez X S



S support
O oppose
M monitor



A: not yet dropped;
NA not yet assigned to committee;
1 awaits committee action in House or Senate;
2 cleared committee, needs House or Senate vote; 
3 passed, no amendments, to House or Senate;
4 passed,  amended, to House or Senate;
5 cleared second round of House or Senate committee, needs vote of House or Senate;
pass second body (House or Senate) Ready for Gov;
passed both, differs; to conference committee; 
11/ch session law/Chaptered

= dead

F= fail
Held = may still be alive
SE = striker

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