About the Future of Nursing Initiative

The Arizona Foundation for the Future of Nursing (AzFFN) has secured a grant from The Foundation of the National Student Nurses’ Association. The grant will utilize input from nurses all over Arizona to help identify high-priority nursing workforce and practice issues that will impact the work of Arizona nurses in the next 5-10 years. The outcomes of this grant will drive innovative solutions such as pilot programs, demonstration projects and possible legislation. The Arizona Nurses Association (AzNA) is pleased to provide the support for this significant initiative.

Almost 100 nurses participated in Virtual Innovation Focus Groups the week of October 21st.  The next step is to take the summary of the information collected from all six focus groups and identify innovative approaches that are most promising to meeting the future demands for nursing care in Arizona.  Face to face meetings will be held to create a structure and process for implementing the identified innovative approaches such as pilot programs, demonstration projects or possible legislation.  Focus group participants will receive updates as the project progresses.