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Achieving Full Practice Authority for Arizona APRNs
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Achieving Full Practice Authority for APRNs in Arizona



2017 APRN Full Practice Authority Legislation

Update: April 21, 2017

SB1336 nurse anesthetists; prescribing authority; limitation; HAS BEEN SIGNED BY THE GOVERNOR

It is now Arizona Law! Congratulations to all who have been involved in moving this bill through the legislature. 


Update: April 18, 2017

Pro-nurse, pro-patient legislation heads to Governor’s desk
SB 1336 improves access to safe, affordable & quality patient care 
The Arizona Nurses Association today lauds the Arizona Legislature’s bipartisan approval of SB 1336 (nurse anesthetists; prescribing authority; limitation). This legislation is designed to expand patient access to care, streamline needless and anti-competitive regulation, and help recruit more surgeons and physicians to Arizona communities in need. 


Championed by a broad, bipartisan coalition of Arizona health care leaders, SB 1336 updates state law governing Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs) and addresses century-old regulations that have long handcuffed health care professionals. Specifically, SB 1336:
• Enables CRNAs to once again order the medications they require to do their jobs, authority they had prior to a legislative mix-up in 2012; and
• Makes it clear that physicians are not liable for the work of CRNAs. This has been a point of confusion that hospital administrators say is hampering their ability to recruit physicians to work in facilities with CRNAs.


“CRNAs have played a vital role in Arizona health care for more than 150 years – providing safe, affordable and quality care to patients in every corner of the state,” said Robin Schaeffer, Executive Director of the Arizona Nurses Association. “At a time when many of our communities are facing a shortage of physicians and nurses, we should be doing all we can to empower these health care professionals. We thank state Sen. Nancy Barto for sponsoring this important legislation and the Arizona doctors, nurses and legislators who have rallied behind its passage.”


Joseph Rodriguez, President of the Arizona Association of Nurse Anesthetists, said SB 1336 is critical for CRNAs, who are the primary providers of anesthesia care in many rural and underserved communities.


“Today’s nearly unanimous legislative approval is the culmination of more than 18 months of work and countless conversations with lawmakers, health care professionals and stakeholders,” Rodriguez said. “SB 1336 represents a major step forward for health care in Arizona, and we ask Governor Ducey to please sign this legislation into law.”


SB 1336 now heads to Governor Doug Ducey for his consideration.


Update: April 10, 2017

SB1336 APRN Takes One More Step Forward

SB1336 nurse anesthetists, prescribing authority continues to move forward. It passed through the House Committee of the Whole on April 6th and now heads to the floor of the house for a full vote. If the bill is approved by the house floor, it needs to go back to the Senate for a vote because it was amended in the house. AzNA staff continues to monitor.


Update: March 27, 2017


It is now Arizona Law! Congratulations to all who have been involved in moving this bill through the legislature. 


Update: March 24: 2017


The hard fought battle over a bill to enable Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists to practice to the full extent of their education and training appears headed for a successful resolution. This bill is awaiting a review by the House Rules Committee. After it clears Rules it goes before the full House membership for voting.  Please watch for action alerts from AzNA if they are needed.



SB1133 Certified Nurses Midwives; nurse practitioners was formally sent to the Governor on March 21. Please feel free to write to Governor Ducey HERE encouraging him to sign the bill. 


Update: March 16, 2017


The House Health Committee approved SB1336 in 30 minutes today. The vote was unanimous and the testimony was brief. ARMA Lobbyist Steve Barclay announced that his organization no longer opposed the bill once an amendment clarifying liability was added. The bill now will be voted on by the House, and then will return to the Senate for concurrence. No further opposition is anticipated. If you think your letters did not help, consider this comment from Representative Lawrence: “I am so glad that I can finally empty my in-box”. 


Update: March 14, 2017

Breaking News! Arizona nurses reach deal on SB 1336

Thank you! Your efforts made the difference!


Arizona Medical Association (ArMA) WILL NOT oppose critical pro-nurse legislation.


First, a “thank you.” We asked you to make sure your voice was heard on SB 1336, and boy did you ever!

The efforts of Arizona nurses and supporters of SB 1336 ensured that EVERY Arizona legislator received HUNDREDS of letters asking for a YES vote on this important legislation, not to mention phone calls and tweets and other activity across social media. Arizona nurses made the difference – just like always!

So, here’s the good news: Key opponents of SB 1336 – namely, the Arizona Medical Association – have agreed to stand down. That means ArMA has pledged not to oppose the bill when it comes to the House Health Committee on Thursday (March 16). In consideration, the group asked that SB 1336 be amended to include specific language stipulating a physician or surgeon is not liable for the actions of the CRNA (liability we don’t believe exists anyway).

Otherwise, the legislation is intact. That means CRNAs will once again be able to order the medications they require to do their jobs, and will have greater autonomy to care for patients while communicating and collaborating with the on-site physician. Lastly, addressing the legal liability issue should help remedy what has been a major challenge hampering recruitment of physicians to Arizona, especially rural and underserved communities.

Put it all together and SB 1336 means more access to quality care and more freedom for health care professionals to do their jobs.

What now? Like we mentioned, the legislation faces a House Health Committee vote this week before being considered by the full House. Since it is being amended, it must then return for a vote in the Arizona Senate.

At this time, we DO NOT need you to come to the Arizona Capitol this week. If things go as planned, our next request will be for THANK YOU emails to Arizona legislators following approval of the bill.


You’ll be the first to know!


Update: March 6, 2017

1. SB 1133 certified Nurse midwives; nurse practitioners: This bill was passed by the House Health Committee on Thursday, March 2 by a 9-0 vote. The bill now moves on to a vote by the whole House of Representatives. APRNS in Arizona have one of the strongest Nurse Practice Acts in the country regarding Scope of Practice language. The current bill addresses some further language issues which involve insurance and environmental situations. 

2. SB1336 nurse anesthetists; prescribing authority; limitation. This bill was passed 25-5 by the Arizona Senate with mostly token objections of 5 senators who raised concerns about issues that were not contained in the bill. It remains in jeopardy as the Arizona Medical Association insists on its defeat. The bill is headed for a difficult hearing in the House Health committee. The bill now moves forward to the House Health Committee and needs your support. Click here to quickly and easily send an email to the House Health Committee


Update: February 13, 2017

1. SB 1133 certified Nurse midwives; nurse practitioners: This bill was passed by unanimous votes in Senate last week and has been forwarded to the House. APRNS in Arizona have one of the strongest Nurse Practice Acts in the country regarding Scope of Practice language. The current bill addresses some further language issues which involve insurance and environmental situations.

2. SB1336 nurse anesthetists; prescribing authority; limitation. This bill was passed 6/1 by the Senate Health and Human Services Committee on Feb. 8. The committee approved the bill with the understanding that the disagreements by the stakeholders on issues of pain management and “direction” be agreed upon before the bill is forwarded to the rules committee and then to the Senate for a vote. 


Update: February 7, 2017

SB1133 Certified Nurse Midwives, Nurse Practitioners Moves Forward

This bill addressing language issues in the Nurse Practice Act was approved, as amended, by the Senate Health committee with a unanimous vote and is ready for approval by the Senate. Watch for a separate action alert targeting ALL Senators when SB1133 is ready for a Senate vote. You can watch the archived hearing proceedings HERE. Choose SB1133. For more information on the bill see the Senate fact sheet HERE


Action Alert: Ask for a YES VOTE on SB 1336: Nurse Anesthetists; Prescribing Authority; Limitation

Just a few clicks and 5 minutes of your time – ACT TODAY!.
A piece of important pro-nurse legislation is being considered by the Arizona Legislature right now; SB1336 - Nurse Anesthetists; Prescribing Authority; Limitation. The Arizona Nurses Association and a bipartisan coalition that includes nurses, physicians, hospital administrators, patient advocates and more are supporting SB 1336 before the Arizona Legislature.

It is critical that legislators hear from nurse supporters NOW. We need you take action by the end of the day today, Wednesday, Feb. 8.


Update: Jan 25, 2017

On Jan. 25, 2017, SB1133 was approved unanimously by the Senate Health and Human Services Committee. Watch the archived proceedings on Arizona Capitol TV (SB1133 begins at the 30 minute mark). The bill now moves to the Senate Rules Committee, and if approved, will then move to the Senate floor for a full vote. This process will then be repeated in the House of Representatives. At this time, AzNA expects the bill to continue to be received without controversy. Read bill information summary here. The Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist bill was just introduced as SB1336. Once we know when the bill will be heard in the Senate Health and Human Services Committee we will post it on

Update: January 23, 2017

SB 1133: Nurse Practitioners; Certified Nurse Midwives; is on the agenda for the Health and Human Services Committee chaired by our bill sponsor, Senator Nancy Barto. At this time, AzNA expects the bill to be received without controversy. Feel free to attend the HHS Committee Meeting in person, or watch the proceedings live via Arizona Capitol TV. The proceedings will also be archived if you are unable to watch live.

See the summary sheet for more information on the bill. Coming soon will be the CRNA bill. This does not yet have a bill # assigned. AzNA will keep you updated as both bills progress.


Update: December 16, 2016 - 

CRNA Sunrise Application Approved Unanimously


On Friday, December 16, 2017, the Certified Registered Nurse Anethesists (CRNAs) Sunrise Application was presented and approved by the AZ State Legislature Committee of Reference (COR). Said Senator Barto, COR Chair, "what a difference a year makes," referring to the 5.5 hours of testimony last year vs. the 6 minutes it took this year to hear testimony of Kelsey Lundy, lobbyist for our CRNAs and Steve Barclay, lobbyist for the Arizona Medical Association(ARMA). Last year ARMA spoke out very strongly against the CRNA portion of our bill. Said Mr. Barclay today in his testimony, "we recognize that nurses are very valuable in the delivery of health care. We need to work together with our nurses, and in the spirit of good faith we have been and will continue to meet with them to work on proposed legislation this upcoming session."


Be on the lookout for bills that will be introduced in the 2017 Legislative Session by our Nurse Practitioners, Nurse Midwives and CRNAs.


Don't forget to sign up for Lobby Day on February 9th 


Find information the 2016 APRN Full Practice Authority Legislation HERE

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