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AzNA PAC Endorsement Information

2020 Endorsed Senate Candidates for Primary Election
District R/D First Name Last Name
1 R Karen Fann
2 D Rosanna Gabaldon
3 D Sally Ann Gonzales
4 D Lisa Otondo
5 R Sonny Borrelli
6 D Felicia French
7 D Jamescita Peshlakai
9 D Victoria Steele
13 R Sine Kerr
15 R Heather Carter
18 D Sean Bowie
19 D Lupe Chavira Contreras
20 D Douglas Ervin
21 R Rick Gray
22 D Sarah Tyree
24 D Lela Alston
25 R Tyler Pace
27 D Rebecca Rios
28 R Kate Brophy-McGee
29 D Martin Quezada
30 D Otoniel "Tony" Navarrete
2020 Endorsed House Candidates for Primary Election  
District R/D First Name Last Name
1 R Selina Bliss
2 D Andrea Dalessandro
2 D Daniel Hernandez Jr
3 D Alma Hernandez
4 D Charlene Fernandez
4 D Geraldine "Gerae" Peten
5 R Leo Biasiucci
5 R Regina Cobb
6 D Coral Evans
6 R Walter Blackman
7 D Arlando Teller
7 D Myron Tsosie
8 R Neal Carter
8 D Sharon Girard
8 R Frank Pratt
10 D Stephanie Stahl Hamilton
10 D Paul Stapleton-Smith
11 D Felipe Perez
13 D Mariana Sandoval
13 R Joanne Osborne
15 R Jarret Hamstreet
16 R Liza Godzich
17 R Jeff Weninger
18 D Denise Mitzi Epstein
18 D Jennifer Jermaine
19 D Diego Espinoza
19 D Lorenzo Sierra
20 D Judy Schwiebert
21 R Kevin Payne
21 D Kathy Knecht
22 R Ben Toma
24 D Jennifer Longdon
24 D Amish Shah
25 R Rusty Bowers
25 R Michelle Udall
28 D Kellie Butler
28 D Aaron Lieberman
29 D Cesar Chavez
30 D Robert Meza
AzNA PAC Preparing for 2020 Elections Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

 As our community is feeling the effects of the COVID-19 virus outbreak, it is a time when nurses and frontline health providers are tasked the greatest. Yet, as in any crisis, nurses continue to step up and provide the leadership and expertise that we need to get through these difficult times. It is during these times, that we often look to government to make honest and rational decisions (nurses call these “evidence-based” decisions) that can help us manage and mitigate the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Never before have the stakes been higher. That is why it is critical to have nursing represented in our state legislature! This fall, two Arizona Registered Nurses are running for office:

LD 1 – Selina Bliss, RN

LD 6 – Felicia French, RN


The AzNA PAC is proud to early endorse these 2 candidates and asks for your help in getting them elected. Here’s what you can do:

  • Vote

    Make sure you know the dates for the primary election (August 4, 2020) and the general election (November 3, 2020). Put them on your calendar and tell your friends and family!
  • Support the nurse candidates’ campaigns no matter where you live!

    Both candidates live in Districts representing northern Az (Add district map link), but that doesn’t matter; all nurses across the state can be involved in their campaigns. Check out their websites to sign up and volunteer. Volunteer activities may include making phone call, virtual canvassing, sending texts, sharing posts on social media, putting up yard signs) and donating to their campaigns. The candidates are waiting to hear from you!
  • Contribute to the AzNA PAC

    Donating to the PAC is critical to supporting the efforts to get AzNA PAC endorsed candidates elected to state offices. You all know elections cost money, and the AzNA PAC money goes toward endorsed candidates (including the 2 nurse candidates) and education/communication about the election process. Consider a one-time or NEW THIS YEAR - a recurring donation that helps to maintain a consistent infusion of funds so that the PAC can make a real difference in Arizona’s elected officials. To donate go to:


2018 Candidate Questionnaire


Interested in seeing what we've asked Arizona's legislative candidates in the past? Please download the 2018 AzNA PAC Candidate Questionnaire

2018 AzNA PAC ENDORSED CANDIDATES - General Election

December 4, 2018

Announcing our 2018 General Election Legislative Winners!

These candidates all went through a rigorous process that included a questionnaire and follow-up interviews (for candidates who were not currently in office) or vetting of voting records on nursing and healthcare issues (for candidates currently in office).

These candidates represented present and future leaders in the healthcare community. They are a mixture of blue and red, men and women, young and old. We were excited to stand with them, help them in their campaigns, and win or lose, keep working to advance the nursing profession and promote a healthy Arizona.

Some did win as you’ll note below, and some did not. We are proud of our endorsed candidates - all of them! - and look forward to working closely with the 2018 AZ legislators to improve the healthcare of all Arizonans.

Your AZNA PAC is ready to move forward into the new year and plan the work that needs to be done in anticipation of the 2020 election cycle!


*WINNERS noted in bold blue font

District H/S R/D First Last
1 S R Karen Fann
1 H R Noel Campbell
2 S D Andrea Dalessandro
2 H D Rosanna Gabaldon
2 H D Daniel Hernandez, Jr.
3 S D Sally Ann Gonzales
3 H D Alma Hernandez
4 S D Lisa Otondo
4 H D Charlene Fernandez
4 H D Geraldine Peten
4 H G Sara Mae Williams
5 S R Sonny Borrelli
5 H R Regina Cobb
6 H D Felicia French
7 S D Jamescita Peshlakai
8 S D Sharon Girard
8 S R Frank Pratt
8 H R T J Shope
8 H D Linda Gross
9 H D Randall Friese
9 H D Pamela Powers Hannley
10 S D David Bradley
10 H D Domingo DeGrazia
10 H D Kirsten Engel
11 H D Hollace Lyon
13 S R Sine Kerr
13 H R Timothy Dunn
14 H R Gail Griffin
14 H D Bob Karp
15 S R Heather Carter
15 H R Nancy Barto
16 H R Kelly Townsend
17 S R J.D. Mesnard
17 H R Jeff Weninger
18 S D Sean Bowie
18 H D Denise Mitzi Epstein
18 H D Jennifer Jermaine
18 H R Jill Norgaard
19 S D Lupe Chavira Contreras
19 H D Diego Espinoza
20 S D Douglas Ervin
20 S R Paul Boyer
20 H D Hazel Chandler
20 H D Christopher Gilfillan
21 S I Kathy Knecht
21 S R Rick Gray
21 H D Bradley Hughes
22 H D Teri Sarimiento
23 H R John Kavanagh
23 H D Eric Kurland
24 S D Lela Alston
25 H R Michelle Udall
25 H R Rusty Bowers
26 S D Juan Mendez
26 H D Isela Blanc
26 H D Athena Salman
27 S D Rebecca Rios
27 H D Reginald Bolding
28 S R Kate Brophy-McGee
28 S D Christine Porter Marsh
28 H D Kellie Butler
28 H R Kathy Pappas Petsas
29 S D Martin Quezada
29 H D Richard Andrade
29 H D Cesar Chavez
30 S D Otoniel "Tony" Navarrete
30 H D Robert Meza
30 H D Raquel Teran

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