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Arizona Nursing Workforce Center - Grant Implementation Plan
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The Future of Nursing State Implementation Program (SIP) Grant for Arizona - Workforce Focus Plan

Awarded by: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Project Directors: Robin Schaeffer, Tanie Sherman
Project Manager: Edward Jones
Areas of Focus: Workforce and Diversity

Project Goal #1: Interprofessional and Diverse Healthcare Workforce Collaborative

Convene a collaborative group of Arizona stakeholders to guide development of an infrastructure for a workforce monitoring system (WMS) for healthcare workforce planning
Action Steps
  • Create a diverse list of stakeholders to include healthcare professions groups and state workforce-related entities
  • Obtain commitment of stakeholders
  • Convene planning session(s)
  • Identify goals
  • Identify current workforce monitoring systems (WMS) from other states

Project Goal #2: Workforce monitoring system Development


Develop a WMS for an Arizona Healthcare Workforce Center to capture supply and demand data for healthcare workforce planning. (Focus will include nursing demographic profile data to be able to measure progress towards promoting a diverse workforce that reflects Arizona).

Action Steps
  • Determine criteria for evaluation of state workforce monitoring systems including financial and personnel requirements for sustainability.
  • Sub-committee to create a summary of other state healthcare workforce data monitoring systems including methods of financial, personnel and types of administration oversight of the centers.
  • Sub-committee to summarize current Arizona workforce databases, their data points and sources
  • Share findings with Interprofessional Healthcare Workforce Collaborative (Retreat-see Project Goal #3)
  • Choose WMS for Arizona.
  • Establish goals for operationalizing WMS including sustainability strategies.
  • Establish short, medium, and long-term strategies and next steps for WMS.

Project Goal #3: Operationalize Arizona Healthcare Workforce Center


Establish a healthcare workforce center for Arizona
Identify plan for sustainability

Action Steps
  • Convene 1-day retreat for Interprofessional and Diverse Healthcare Workforce Collaborative.
  • Develop Center mission, goals, and purpose
  • Develop job descriptions (list skill sets needed and timing for goal attainment) and strategies for obtaining staff (academic partnerships, contracts, students/interns)
  • Clarify structure for ongoing relationships between diverse Stakeholders and Workforce Center for longterm decision making and sustainability of Center
  • Identify computer programs capable of housing workforce data.
  • Secure funding sources for sustainability of Center, including partners outside of health care that serve underrepresented groups.

Project Goal #4: Data management/access standards


Establish standards for data management and access

Action Steps
  • Identify data points to collect for interprofessional and diverse healthcare workers.
  • Develop a data dictionary.
  • Identify ways to collect data including sources
  • Develop policy and procedure for data maintenance, protection and use. (protect confidentiality, reliability, validity and objectivity)
  • Create data use agreements to address how data will be used, data security and confidentiality policies, and adherence to privacy acts.

Project Goal #5: Beta Test of the WMS: Primary Care Provider Survey


Initiate planning for testing of process and infrastructure through a pilot survey of diverse primary care providers.

Action Steps
  • Determine research questions for survey
  • Choose a vendor for survey if applicable
  • Create target distribution list for survey
  • Distribute survey
  • Analyze data
  • Report findings to stakeholders


Grant Overview

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