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"I’ve belonged to AzNA for as long as I’ve been a nurse.


I believe that belonging and contributing to my professional association helps me develop and grow, as well as advances our collective goals as a profession.


Throughout my career, I have served the association through committee work, continuing education development, lobbying for health care related legislation, and representing Arizona at a national level.


AzNA has also given me so much in return! I have had the opportunity to be mentored by some of the best nursing leaders in Arizona and across the country. Additionally, my perspective of the nursing profession has broadened as I see our ability to influence and work collaboratively with other disciplines.


I truly believe that through AzNA we have a collective voice for nursing."

Lesly Kelly, PhD, RN


"[It is] so wonderful to be a part of a home of professional nurse colleagues.


I have been a member of AzNA since moving to Arizona in 1988.  My ANA membership started as a student nurse in Wisconsin and has grown along with me as I belonged to the AzNA East Valley Chapter 30, and now chapter 9, Nurse Practitioner Council. 


I value the professional updates, advocacy, academic/conference opportunities, professional networking, and legislative work for nurses as well as health care in general. 


AzNA promotes legislative, academic, and professional excellence. 


AzNA membership is like a family of nurses supporting each other through the professional journey."


Ken Wysocki, PhD, RN



"The ability to influence public policy through collective action, peer support, and networking are the leading motivations behind why I belong to AzNA.


Legislation is in a constant state of change and the nursing profession is not an exception. AzNA provides opportunities to learn about current legislation and helps identify ways to establish safe patient practice standards.


Interacting with other nurses also offers many occasions to interact with peers for discussion, problem solving, and support. Through this network there comes exposure to information, innovative ideas, new products, techniques, or changes in the workplace environment. Many times, opportunities for advancement come through colleagues and professional organizations.


Nursing as a profession would benefit if the vast majority join forces. By using these numbers, a stronger legislative voice could be heard and a better process could occur. However, simply joining is not the only key; we also need to be active in the organization for true effectiveness.


Just imagine what Arizona nurses could do as a profession if every RN belonged to AzNA."


Kelly Simpson, RN, BSN



“The opportunity to network with outstanding state nurse leaders, keep abreast of public policy opinion, peer support, and wanting to be included as one of the nurse leaders in the state is why I became a member of AzNA over 25 years ago. 


AzNA provides me the lasted updates on legislation that affects the lives of our community as well as practice standards in the state which is important for me as a leader in nursing education.


I have enjoyed serving the nurses in Arizona over the years by volunteering in various ways with AzNA. My first voluntary opportunity was reviewing CE applications in 1990 which really helped me understand what was needed when I offered CE programs.


I benefit from being a member of a professional group that has influenced healthcare and nursing for many years. It is an honor to serve and being a member of AzNA.


Pam Fuller, EdD, MN, RN



"I have been a member of AZNA for over 20 years.  Through my membership, I gained valuable skills in leadership, advocacy and professional accountability. 


I have met and networked with the most amazing nurse leaders. 


It was through my membership that I was first appointed to the Board of Nursing, which kindled a career-long commitment to patient safety and quality education. 


AZNA has helped nursing in so many ways: through legislative support and initiatives, sponsorship of quality educational events, nursing scholarships and promotion of the profession. 


I proud to be a member and proud of our association and its many accomplishments." 


Pamela K. Randolph RN, MS, FRE


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